Tim Daniel - Springs of Salvation

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A Prophet's Prayer
A Song of Faith Hope and Love
Amen Come Lord Jesus
Christ in Me My Glory
Come Rejoice With Me
Created for His Pleasure
God is Love
Grace to Obey
In Rememberance of His Mercy
In the Lord I'm a Conqueror
In the Garden of My Soul
The Word of the Lord
Victory in the Struggle


  1. This Album has inspired me on so many ways. I even use the music as backdrop for family movie and picture albums to inspire my family to keep Jesus in the forefront of our Family Blessings (4 kids and 11 grandchildren).

    Thank you for sharing your talent with the Christian Community and letting us use it freely in such venues.

    I used "Created for his Pleasure" as background music for a slide presentation to the grands on "Purity Brings Happiness".

    1. Glenn,
      Check out my new website WarnTheWorld.net.