Tim Daniel - Emerging

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A Chorus of Thanksgiving
A Messenger of Mercy
Glory to His Name
I am Born of God
I am Crucified with Christ
Jealous Fires are Purging
Jesus I Hear You Calling
O My Father Caring Father
Peace I Leave You
Salvation Belongs to the Lord
See How Great a Love
Gentle Waters of Shiloh
You are able Lord Jesus


  1. i' m so happy to listen your song again. I have a cassette of your ointing music of God. I live in Québec and when i became christian in 1991, you came in my church to sing for the glory of God...i' m not good in english, but i just want to say thank you...your music give me peace and when i listen your music, i can fell the marvelous presence of my Lord Jesus....

    Thank you and God bless your ministry

    I'm a singer to for the glory of God.
    you can visit my web site

    1. Keep singing for Jesus...
      Tim Daniel

  2. Thank you for sharing!!! I can't find my cassette from the '90's!!!

    1. Hey, check out my main website at WarnTheWorld.net.
      Blessings... Tim

  3. This album is Tim Daniel at his very best.As I see it Tim's musical strengths are in songs that have a 'prophetic-warning-aspect' to them, ie songs that foster a 'fear of God', and also scriptural-confession songs that exhort us to keep the faith like "I am crucified with Christ". These songs are outstanding;-"Jealous fires are Purging", "A chorus of thanksgiving", "Salvation belongs to the Lord", "A messenger of Mercy". I thank God for the gifts that He has put into you Tim. God bless you

    1. Gregoree,
      Be sure to check out my main website.
      Tim D.